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Welcome To Benné Botanicals

At Benné Botanicals We Make Handmade, Plant-Based, Skin Care

Benné Botanicals is all about using, high-quality,  nourishing ingredients. By regularly applying all-natural ingredients to your skin, your skin cells will become happier & healthier. As a result, your skin will face fewer issues like acne, cellular aging, & environmental damage.

Some examples of ingredients we use are rosehip seed oil, tamanu oil, vegetable glycerine & activated charcoal to name a few! Your skin is made to use compounds that are found in nature.  In other words, your skin is better at using natural compounds. If you are looking for great organic products, then our products are for you!

Check out the shop! We sell cold-processed bath soaps, face soaps, & facial oil blends. Or, check out the deals & give-aways