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 All-Natural, Plant-Based, Skin Care Products



Benné Botanicals uses high-quality, notably skin-nourishing ingredients. Applying nourishing all-natural ingredients on your skin boosts the overall health of your skin.  As a result, your skin will have fewer issues like acne, dryness,  & environmental damage.

Some of our ingredients are rosehip seed oil, tamanu oil, vegetable glycerine & activated charcoal! Unlike a lot of products, we use natural sources of vitamin A, C, E, minerals, and powerful anti-oxidants.

We also care about how our products will feel when it’s time for you to use your purchase. When using our soaps, you will find that they lather very well. Not only do they lather very well, but our soaps will feel like silk as they glide across your skin.  And most import of all, our soaps will not strip your skin of its precious natural oil barrier.


benne botanicals soaps

The oils we use in our moisturizing oil blends soak into your skin quickly. So you are left without greasy feeling skin. Not to mention, these oil blends are designed to penetrate and deeply nourish your skin.

Your skin is made to use compounds that are naturally made in nature.  In other words, your skin is better equipped for using natural compounds. If you are looking for great natural products at the right price, then Benné Botanicals is for you!

Check out the shop! We sell handmade natural bath soaps, face soaps, & facial oil blends for all skin types! Or, check out the deals & give-aways page for specials and free products!