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Natural Face Serums

This all natural face serum has lavender oil in it so it smells nice and reduces anxiety. It has vitamin E oil in it, which basically helps your skin cells stay youthful. And this all natural face serum has a lot of vegetable glycerin in it. Vegetable glycerin is an all natural humectant which basically pulls the water from the air and then puts it into your skin so you could basically say that the water in the air is keeping your skin moisturized. And most importantly the rose hip seed oil & grapeseed oil absorbs into your skin quickly without leaving it greasy… Which leaves you with a Beyoncé like glow. Our goal is to give you a powerful skincare tool without the harsh chemicals (that only sit on top of the skin) and all the nutrients your skin needs to thrive. Shop now, Free Shipping for all orders over $35!

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  • This Face Serum Is Too Good To Be True! (Nah…. It’s The Real Deal!!)

    This is the best face serum for:

    •  Softening dry/rough skin because it quickly seals the moisture into your skin
    • Made with noncomedogenic ingredients so you don’t have to worry about clogged pores.
    • Reducing skin acne because of this serum’s anti-microbial properties
    • Balances the production of skin oils
    • Reducing/fading fine-lines and wrinkles (over time)  (60% of the ingredients are anti-aging)
    • Reducing/fading scars & stretch marks (overtime)
    • Tightening the skin (over time)
    • It absorbs quickly so your skin will be soft but not oily.
    • Getting glowing, radiant skin (like Queen Béy herself)
    • It literally pulls water from the air and into your skin (vegetable glycerine is great for maintaining maximum skin hydration)
    • Great for hyperpigmentation (especially from acne scars) and getting a nice even skin tone.
    • Made from unprocessed, cold-pressed, organic oils
    • Makes your skin healthier (by feeding it).

    What Is In This Face Serum?

    My face serum contains:

    1. Grape Seed Oil
    2. Vegetable Glycerin
    3. Rosehip Seed Oil
    4. Vitamin E Oil
    5. Lavender Essential Oil

    Don’t worry! If you try this product and decide you hate it, feel free to click here see my returns policy. And I’ll refund your money!

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